When one goal is hit, just set a new one!

OK, I have some great news – well, for me, anyway – Head over to my personal fund raising page for Stop Child Trafficking Now and see! Last week my goal was to raise $100, and now, my goal is $300…and people just keep on givin’! I am so excited about how people have been supportive – I feel so honored…but I’ve got to keep the goal higher, so if anyone reading this would like to contribute, don’t fight the urge. Girls all over the world, even here in the Austin area, will see freedom again, in time, as a result.


I have ONE more week til I lace my tennies for the Austin Walk on the 26th. If you’d like to help my lil efforts get bigger & bigger…even pass my newest goal, $300 (to be used to assemble & deploy special operative teams made of highly-trained military veterans with a new, driving purpose), head on over to my page:


& jump on board…or register to lace up your own shoes along with me, as I WALK to Stop Child Trafficking Now. Thank you soooo much!!!



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