The blacker the night, the brighter the stars

Late last night on our way home from Tyler to see Papa Rick, Granny & Deenie (ok…and Dusty), we stopped to let the kids pee in the grass & I looked up to see an amazing sky. We got back on the road and through our moon roof I saw those stars again, and we decided to make it a sun roof so I could sit backwards with my knees in the crease of the passenger seat, and my head stickin’ out the top.

It was THE WEIRDEST thing! To look up and see just a million and a half stars, the moon & milky way, &  watch the half-lit trees on either side of 79 pass us by at 79 MPH. Within 20 seconds, I saw a shooting star. If the fall chill didn’t get to my arms, I would have done that the whole ride home. I just stayed for a lil while longer with my hands over my ears which also kept my hair from whipping my face, and just let out a “HALLELUJAH!” – Angel quickly echo’d my cry, “Haw-yoo-ah!” and we smiled at each other.

It was an unexpected wink from God.


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