Update: How Braylon is doin’ with getting to sleep

I just wanted to give an update about Braylon & his issue with sleep and fear … we’ve been pretty consistent with playing some kind of music about God, as he goes to sleep. One of us will pray with him and I’ll usually sing, and if he ever gets scared, he’s learned to find one of his Bibles – one is from Papa Bruce & Gigi with funny illustrations, another is the Adventure Bible from our church. He’ll just lay down and read, with his music softly playing, and no lie, he has not had fear overtake him like it used to a 6-8 weeks ago, since this new routine started. He’ll ask to sleep w/us a few times a week, but The Lord has given him more confidence and assurance of his presence, and just…peace.

Way more often than not, he’ll simply fall asleep in his own bed now, after we pray w/him, sing, have music on, and leave a Bible by his bed for him. It may seem like a lot of measures to take, but it’s not hard, and it’s not even that time-consuming. The time we spend w/him before bed, doing all these lil things, is so been precious…even more so than I remember it being before his panic sessions started a few months ago.

I’m totally convinced that we have an enemy of our souls, that wants to attack us, (especially when we’re about to do something influential for the kingdom of God) and that will take flight along w/any of his spirits of fear, when we tell him to. But we must stand boldly in the authority Christ has given us. That fear Braylon used to feel powerless against, only comes around now & again…& never hangs out for long.

Thank you sincerely, to everyone who has stood in the gap for him, asked me about him, or sought the Lord on his behalf.  This has been a small spiritual battle that we’ve fought together, and we’ve have gained much ground. I’m learning more & more about the power of Jesus’ name. How evil has no choice but to leave and obey everything He says…and even obey everything we say, in His name.  It’s been amazing.


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