Halloweenies – a recipe for a spookie appetizer

This recipe is from Pillsbury. But here’s my rendition! I made them last yr. and then again last week. Ricky said, “thanks, mummy”! If you’d like to make this hit w/your family too, it’s super easy:

  • Buy a (8 oz) flaky crust sheet of dough & cut it into strips (or Croissants, but they’re hard to press into one sheet before cutting),1 pkg of Little Sausages (or, 24 hot-dogs-in-half, if that’s all you got), & 1/2 c. of Dijon Mustard w/1 TB Oregano mixed in (or, my son would not dip his in this, but devoured them, dipped in honey). Heat oven to 350.
  • What to do: Wrap those little weenies w/the dough strips, like they’re mummies (with an exposed spot for eyes, & cook em in the oven til brown (15-20 min.’s). Afterwards, let cool a bit & dot eyes using mustard!




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