As It Is Up There – a song about what it means to pray what Jesus prayed

What is it like…in heaven

Are there no tears; is there no war

Has everyone found what they’re looking for


I need to know…what it’s like in heaven

Wholeness & healing; laughter & rest

No more diseases, no fear, no regrets



I no longer want my will

But Your will be done

Your kingdom come

Right here (x2)     (I’m prayin’…)

As it is up there


(Lord, tell me…) Vs. 1, 2


Instrumental Solo


Bridge: (optional echo after ea. line: “as it is up there”)

O, to worship with your angels

O, to worship ever more

Holy, Holy, Holy is the…Lord God Almighty

Who was –  –   & is & is to come!!




…as it is up there

(random adlibs with the echo after ea. line: “as it is up there”)

Cant wait to join you there,


Heaven fills my heart;

Let it overflow

Onto the streets of this city

Let it be done

…As it is up there.


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