My Multicultural Moms Meetup

I have been blessed to experience life with some wonderful ladies. Eight to nine months ago, Kathleen had an idea to start a neighborhood mom’s group to connect with each other & learn from each other. She approached Evie, who brought it up to me, and so it began – the three of us, at McD’s…and now we have seven or eight of us moms, all hailing from the great city of Hutto, & meeting every other week at various locations. It’s been really cool to see how different we all are…yet the same in many ways.

We’re learning how to lean on each other…to open up & trust each other with sensitive issues & prayer requests. We’re sharing our thoughts, resources, defeats, celebrations…and so much more… …not to mention some Dang-good multicultural dishes! Here are just a few shots of some of us at the Hutto McD’s and Ricoco’s Latin Grill in Taylor – just a-havin’ a good ol time.

Above: Evie, me…totally faking it, for the camera!

Above: Kathleen, Rosa, Venus, Coco, Nesrine, Evie & myself…

surprising Coco for her b-day

Above: Moms @ Mc’D’s ~

the only place in Hutto that’s kid-friendly and nearly free


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