A Braysay…about wrestle time

Braylon has always been borderline obsessed with wrestling with his dad. Not too long ago, Rick realized why. There’s really no other time like it, when the two of them spend time together, giving purely undivided attention to each other. Even Angel has caught on to our high-volume patented phrase…”WRESTLE-TIME!”

It’s a combo of physical & eye contact, playfulness, adrenaline and aggressive “guy”ness – which can & usually does cross the line into downright violence! At one point, any given wrestling match will result in tears…even if they last a few seconds. Other times, it’s an obvious fake cry & walk-away & then a quick turn around-attack with a, “Just KIDDING!”.

Even as I type this, they’re all 3 all over the bed ~ laughing, jumping, tickling, attacking, even pantsing each other. And Bray just said,

” wrestling is celebrating that we have time to spend with each other.”


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