All Things Beautiful

Is he not the God who parted the Jordan & the Red
Is he not as powerful today, O lift your head (lift your head!)
And if he’s able, yet not willing to part your sea today
Are you willing to surrender and trust him
He makes all things beautful,
All things beautiful
In His time
Is he not the God who showered manna, like the rain?
A life-sustaining bread – that spoiled after just one day
And As he feeds me just enough I hear my spirit growl for more
God forbid I stay the (wretched) way I was before
A-lle-lu…as I wait on you (x2)
A-lle-lu…as I trust in you (x2)
YOU make all things Beautiful
All things beautiful in YOUR time! (x2)

One thought on “All Things Beautiful

  1. Marlena January 14, 2010 / 7:52 am

    Chelan, those are some really BEAUTIFUL lyrics!

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