Spring Break from Kiddos (& more) …

ReCap of Spring Break Week!
This last week was Spring Break ’10…and the 1st opportunity we’ve had since our 10-yr. ann.(’07), to leave the kiddos with their grandparents for a week! This time we were blessed to have Jasis & Bob offer, so we drove the ankle-biters to Kilgore. Sure, we worked days (me @ Gymboree and Ricky in his “crib-icle”, a term he coined to describe his cubicle @ home)…but we got ourselves a few good dates and quality time, just us 2 (Ben Houa & Yama Sushi)! Several times, we jokingly yelled our patented parental phrases into another room or the backseat of the Scion, at our ‘phantom’ children. All I can say is, it was weird; we agreed early on, that we do not like being child-less.

We were planning on traveling back (meeting half way) on Sat., but got a call Fri. morning that Gam had a stroke (later discovering it was her 4th one) & that we’d better come early. Angel was sick anyway. So I put the house cleaning & grocery shoppin’ on hold and we packed up for Kilgore (I drove 3 hrs to Palestine & then had enough).

Papa & Gamma showed the munchkins a good ‘ol time – they watched movies, rode bikes, played with new toys and bouncey balls outside, and took many trips to nearby Synergy Park where they explored, got dirty and went FISHIN’! Yep, Bray’s 1st fishin’ expedition was lead by his Papa Bob (who else?) ~ & he caught two baby catfish off the pier and the bank of the pond.  On day 2, we got a text from Gamma: ” Braylon found a slug by the lake and was tossin’ it around with a stick. Next thing we knew, it went flyin’ and hit Angel in the eye!”

Gam seems to be ok ~ goin to get an MRI today before she heads home. Lord, make your presence & peace known to her. Let her feel your love and help her to be pain-free.  Thank you for such a refreshing week & for keeping watch over us all. We love you with all our hearts.


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