The road I’m walking down, to Stop Child Trafficking Now

Last fall, I learned more and more about the industry of child prostitution and trafficking, world-wide and in the US. The more I learned, the more I felt compelled. I signed up for the Austin Walk, was able to raise about $350., and had a blast supporting this cause which fights to set children free of slavery & abuse. I remember lookin’ on Stop Child Trafficking Now’s website to see if Portland, OR had a walk. I guess at the time, I looked too early. Nothing showed up for Oregon, and it made me sad. I grew up there, and had hoped they were being represented.  I didn’t look again until this month and saw that Portland is still not on the list of (37?) communities scheduled to Walk in Oct. ’10. Then I researched Facebook and found a page for Portland SCTNow. It was for last year, not this year. So I contacted the organizer / ambassador, to find out that she DID do a Walk there last Sept, but can’t do it this year…here’s a clip of her email:

I did organize last year’s walk for Portland and I am so thrilled to hear from you on this! This year we do not have an official walk in effect for Portland because as of late September I will be moving up to Seattle, so I am a co-ambassador this year for Seattle’s walk. However, I will be in Portland throughout the summer and I would love to talk to you about taking on the Portland walk. You would have lots more time than I did last year and I could connect you with a whole support team to help you through it, so you would be way ahead of the game, plus I will be hanging around the area and could help you out. I have been looking for someone who I could help walk through taking over in Portland because I feel so bad moving away and not having anyone to take over.   I’d love to talk about this…

I’d already been praying about taking on this role and felt under-qualified and a bit anxious about taking it on by myself. I’ve never organized a big event in my life. But I can promote this with all that’s in me…and organize it with help. Then I had this conversation. And almost laughed. The Community Ambassador application is still sitting in my email inbox from April 12th.  But time with the Lord and this conversation and YET ANOTHER one I had tonight with Kristin Weis the Ambassador for Tulsa, OK, have all been leading me in the same direction. WE are called to set captives free.  And I am called to impact the world {specifically, Portland Oregon} to abolish child slavery.

Woooooh! I’m excited.

Dang. Let’s get this party started.


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