A Bray Say…about dance moves

I’m kinda upset that I don’t write down more “Bray says”. It’s not like I’m not listening for note-worthy comments – but this boy is jus’ growin’ up so fast that his phrases and vocabulary seem so …well, grown up already! He’s only 7 for goonesssake! Oh well. When they happen, I’m on it. Like this one:

Yesterday, I told him after he’d slaved over homework, that he needed to clean his room like his dad asked (response: squinty eyes + whiney cry)…til I interrupted with, “BUT!” {my chance to be the heroin of the moment} “I will let you pick ANY kind of music out that you wanna listen to while you put your things away!” I can’t believe it worked. His attitude leveled out & the 1st thing he put in his CD player (of ALL CD’s), was Kenny G’s “Breathless” CD, 1992.  What the…? Well, he fell in love with “Songbird” during the scene in “Cars” when all the lowered hot rods try to make ‘Mac’ fall asleep on the freeway.

Anyway, I look over at him and he’s doing some weird dance move and goes, “Hey, it’s not too bad! Cause you can dance and put away clothes at the same time!”

‘What? Let me see.” …to which he grabs a wad of socks, spreads his legs and does this hip-thing while tossing the socks through his legs, backwards, making a “basket” into the sock-bin behind him.

“Niiiiiice!” I accoladed. And he gave me the cutest half-smile, “thanks”.

Oh, man. I just came across this photo from January of 2008 & had to include it in this post. It’s got to be one of my faves of this boy.

Ok, this one’s from ’09. LAST ONE. I promise….


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