AngeLingo…about various things

“That make me died wif blood” {her version of how I explained what would happen if she ran out in the street while cars drove by. She was very impacted by what I said. Now, she usually looks both ways and yells what her Papa Bruce taught her after seeing no cars… “CLEAR!”}.

This week I bought a 6-bulb princess chandelier with pink shades & hanging jewels for her bedroom. Yesterday, after I installed it, we counted to 3, she turned on the switch and her eyes twinkled. She gasped a big breathe in as she looked up at it and said softly and slowly, “It’s beau-tee-ful!“.

“Mommy give me that yestertime”

“I do dat affer later”

“Daddy, I love you s’MUCH. So so so much, to-ever”


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