Sometimes at Church

Sometimes at church, you go and you sing and you listen and you talk and you leave. Nothing really changes.

Other times, you can be so blessed.

This morning I’m so glad we decided to get up, get ready & go to Horizon Community Church.  The worship time was anointed – and we were blessed. Our long-time family friend (my Godfather, growing up), Tom Leisman lead worship and threw in some old-school songs like ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’ (“…sing to the Father…”), and “Above All”. Afterward, I got to see a friend who’s visiting from Louisiana, Rebecca. We went to grade school together & it’s so cool that we’ve kept in touch. It was so good to see her.

Then a couple came up to me and they spoke to me about my ministry, Stop Child Trafficking Now.  Sheila and Loyd Matthey prayed for me. Sheila told me I’d been on her mind all week & then gave me a word from the Lord… it was simply this: that He is proud of me.

It made me cry. It made my entire day. And it will help me through this whole campaign.  He loves each of his children so much. This was, in a huge way… a wink from God.


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