A Changing of Seasons in my Life

On to a new chapter after my first time planning a big event. Although a success & for such a worthy cause, it was hardly easy and too time consuming.  Now I am finding my way back to being ok with relaxation, sleeping in, family time – i mean, real, quality, undivided family time, watching the occasional TV show – yes, even a non-educational or PBS related show, perusing Costco and Target, getting back on top of laundry, finding the vacuum, washin’ dishes EVERY day, actually drying and curling my hair instead of air-drying it and pulling it back, getting on a schedule to be able to sing with a team of talented worshipers again (dang, how I’ve missed that).

Oh, and I’m starting to wrap my head around making real meals again for dinner,  buying & eating the right foods so I can get back into a comfortable 8, taking long hot baths, going for a drive to nowhere -if only to take in the beauty of fall in Oregon…

having more fun, more sex, more ice cream (yes, I know that presents a conflict with the whole size 8 thing), more conversations with friends that run deep (& building on a few fresh ones), more meaningful worship times including some kind of Bible-study, and more vacations with my gift from God I call family.

I’m about to add these to the list: pulling out the guitar again, writing many more songs, finishing the book, Under Cover and planning w/Rick some days where we’ll just spend time volunteering as a family somewhere.

Well that’s a lot. Looks like it’ll probably be as time consuming as before! Just different. But I need different right now. I’m really looking forward to this next season in my life.



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