A Bray Say….about a cuss word

The other night the kids were at the table finishing their dinner and Angel says, “Mommy, I want some ice cream!” but she says “ice” with her lil Texan accent, which makes it sound like, well…

Braylon goes, “Mom? Angel just said a cuss word.” We’ve known  for months that when she says ice cream, it sounded more like “ass cream”, but it was just too funny to correct.

We simply smiled at Braylon and said, “I know. She doesn’t mean to, buddy.” We’ll train her to say “ice” the right way, in time (before she’s made fun of)…but I like the lil Texan in her voice & want to hear it as long as I can!  Unlike Braylon, she is a Texan, after all.


One thought on “A Bray Say….about a cuss word

  1. Marlena November 5, 2010 / 12:45 pm

    Funny! Ava does the same exact thing! She says it a lot when she is talking about ice cream, but it’s also hilarious when she says can I have a little ice in my cup! HA. I’ve also noticed that she says thang instead of thing. Not sure if it’s Texas twang, or she’s been listening to Snoop a little too much!

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