A Bray Say… about a Serial Killer

The other day, we were looking at a home to possibly rent.  About to start the tour of the home, we stood in the kitchen and listened to the owner explain a few details. Braylon interrupts with…

“Has anybody DIED in this house?!”


Ricky & I just looked at each other and tried to keep from cracking up.

A week before, we recalled watching like 7 minutes of an “Extra” or some gossip-y news show: a story of a couple who bought a home later to discover it was formerly the home of a serial killer who’d kept his victims bodies in the home and buried in the yard. If I was an 8 yr old looking for a new place to live, & I’d seen that on TV…I think I’d ask the same thing!

The owner just looked at him smiling. Then his smiled turned downward and he said, “I’m afraid so…”

(Dramatic Pause)

“…a hamster.”


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