Hope and Health, from just $10.

Merry Christmas y’all! Just wanted to bring some light to a great thing that Compassion International is doin’ now. Ricky & I love the idea of using some of the money God is blessing us with the ability to buy something that a child from a 3rd world country or an extremely poor person needs. If we don’t know the best way to do that, our guess work is cut out now! Compassion International has a gifts catalog.

I’m just so excited to let you know that you can bless a family by buying them a particular item they may desperately need for their enjoyment, well being, health, or even survival. All starting from only $10.00. Here’s what that small amount can do:

Mosquito Net


Mosquitoes carry malaria, which kills nearly one million people every year. This gift can help give children and their families a mosquito-free sleep with an insecticide-treated bed net and prevention education.

Funds raised from this item will be used to provide: mosquito nets & malaria prevention activities in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Togo. Should excess funds be raised, we will meet other urgent needs as they arise.


To check out the entire catalog site, just click HERE! …and be assured that as you bless others and continue to give from what God has given you, He will provide all your needs & bless you in return.  He is just so faithful that way.

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