Letting Scripture Sink In

Today, I actually got up before Angel and made my coffee and sat down with my trusty NLT Bible and journal. Didn’t get to the journaling part though. Next time, I will not have my laptop open in front of me. I read from Hosea.

This is a sort of format I’ll use to help remember what I read and let it sink in:

S (scripture) ~

Hosea 1:14-23 – 2:1-4

O (observation) ~

God has feelings of abandonment when we idolize things or people, above him. He hurts. He grieves. He longs for closeness even when we say we are committed to him but our actions show otherwise. This really means we are all adulterers at some point. He takes this seriously. But he has a pull toward us, for we are HIS. We are his beautiful bride, and he is patient with us as we find our way back to him. He has done nothing to deserve mistrust. Yet we struggle to trust him every day.

A (application) ~

I can always trust Him, and when I have trusted in a man or in things to provide for me and make me “happy”, I need to simply go back to him and with humility say to him – I was wrong. I want to trust you again. Help me when I’m weak!

I can choose to prioritize my God above other people or duties in my life. When I do this, those people, relationships and duties come to life with purpose, they thrive and grow and give glory to God. When I don’t submit them to God as head of my life, they suck energy out of me, creating stress and anxiety and a false sense of security.

P (prayer) ~

Lord Jesus, I’m sorry I don’t trust you more. You are so worthy. Help me to prioritize you first in my life – even in my day. I’ll take it day by day and lean on you. You have never let me down. Thank you for bringing peace and organization into my life of chaos and worry. You are my Prince of Peace and I am your princess!


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