Eph.6, in Hi-Def

I started this new category of documenting spiritual attacks in relation to ministry efforts because I’ve noticed in the last year – a direct correlation between the two. I want to be better prepared and learn more about how our efforts here on earth affect spirits.


  • This week I had about 1.5 days of feeling depressed and lethargic.
  • The night before last, Ricky had a choking night terror. It wasn’t bad, but it wade him get up out of bed. I didn’t wake up this time, so this one was not violent or long lasting. He told me about it last night…not many details remembered.
  • Last night: After watching Inception with Rick, we were going to bed and I said to him – I feel like I should pray. I keep thinking there is something I need to pray about, but I don’t know what. I guess I’m supposed to use my prayer language then huh? I don’t think I’m very good at it though.  My eyes became heavy & before I could get out a few sentences in my mind, in prayer to God, I was out cold. @ 3:34am, Angel woke up crying & saying she was scared. I prayed over her, w/authority.  I left, and a few minutes later, she cried louder, almost screaming. I went back in, and prayed a second time and then used distraction to get her mind off the fear and onto our fun plans the next day. This helped. She went right back to sleep.
  • This week, Braylon was assessed by a Dr and has an upcoming school meeting about his tenancies toward ADD behavior.


What’s going on with our family in our efforts to advance the Kingdom or make a difference, spiritually in people’s lives?

  • Rick recently started attending (since beginning of Jan.) a men’s group called Christ at Work, meeting at a restaurant ev. Thursday morning. The other men who attend are faithful followers of Christ, and highly connected and influential. I’m excited about this!
  • We’re praying about poss. involvement in a college group every week as support and discussion leaders – as well as exploring an idea of possibly starting an online ministry that will help the body of Christ meet each other’s physical needs.
  • I’m attending a CBC youth conference this weekend (beginning tonight) with my friend, Sara. Generation Unleashed. About 3,500 people will be there, including Judah Smith, a favorite preacher of ours. Sara attended last night & txtd me she met Judah and he was really cool. A lot going on in the spirit realm regarding this conference. Young people from all over OR, WA and northern CA will have GOD ENCOUNTER & learn much.
  • SCTNOW related happenings: On a national level, this weekend is the SCTNow Summit which I am not able to attend since I couldn’t afford the airfare. But many other Ambassadors are meeting face to face with the NY leaders in Tulsa beginning today to talk about last year’s nationwide results, and to establish some important strategies & ideas for 2011’s campaigns.
  • SCTNow- Portland-specific happenings: I just (yesterday & today) put in emails or phone calls to mayor Sam Adams, and to both Detective Keith Bickford and Sgt. Doug Justus, asking for their official partnership with & public support of Stop Child Trafficking Now. If they accept, this has great potential & will serve as inspiration for other major cities across the US, just as Tulsa did for us! Our Special Operative Teams will then work with them hand in hand, to eradicate the demand for children as sex slaves.
  • On a possibly smaller scale, this week, Sherree R. is making some key decisions as she resigns from years of work as an AG pastor, has taken a new pt job & is seeking to fill a new role with SCTNow in our fight against child trafficking. Although she’s based out of Florence, I believe her role, working with me, will be significant in relation to an Online Art Auction. This Auction will incorporate items from and affect the fund raising efforts of NOT JUST Portland, but 5-6 of our Top 10 cities across the US.
  • We are also praying for a loved friend. He has lost nearly everything due to his addiction to heroin. His life is at stake. His children need him. He needs rehab. But even more, he needs a relationship with God again. Our hearts hurt for him. We can’t give him money or anything else, really. But we can pray… so we will pray that he will humble himself and repent, & accept the idea of rehab, and we pray that he is willing and able to surrender his deteriorating life to the Lord so that he will find it again, with fullness of joy. Rick reached out to him again this week, asking to get together, after awhile had gone by with no contact. No luck again.

I think journaling these kind of details will be helpful in identifying why sometimes we feel or are attacked in our minds, emotions and our bodies. Sometimes people just get sick. Or feel sad or stressed.  But other times, it is directly related in timing, to a spiritually related happening – either right before, during or right after a step taken that in essence, thwarts the enemy’s attempts to kill, steal or destroy souls … or really, anything that God stands for.  I want to think bigger – but without looking too far into things, so I think this will be a helpful tool.


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