AngeLingo about cell phone service

This morning, Braylon had his cell phone out, along with me and his dad. Angel felt a little left out. So she went upstairs and grabbed her Tinkerbell flip phone and started chatting with Braylon in a pseudo-cell convo just feet away from him.

Then she got up & went to the backyard for a bit, returning a minute later.

When I asked her why she went outside, she said it was cause she had to finish her call.

It’s pretty sad when your cell phone service at home, sucks so bad that your daughter copies you by going outside to talk on her lil fake phone {it’s not AT&T or our new Windows phones; it’s the cell towers in Wilsonville that need work}.

So lame!  But we jus’ had to laugh.


One thought on “AngeLingo about cell phone service

  1. Darah March 18, 2011 / 9:42 pm

    Miss you all, hope you are well.

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