Investing in Someone Else’s Dream

Today I ran into my old boss, friend and musician in the worship team I was a part of years ago; his name is Jerry. As I think back to my 3 years working for him as a dispatcher for a commercial miniblind and drape company,  I recall one main event.

One bright day, he left the office and came back a while later in his truck. The back of the truck was filled with musical equipment: a 6-channel amplifier/mixer, a Shure microphone, two speakers and all the necessary cords. Everything he bought was for me. He never let on but he had taken the time to listen to me and notice what God had placed in me. He saw it not only for what it was that day, but for what it could become. He invested in my potential. By doing that, he spoke to me that the gift I have should be practiced more and more. It should be displayed for God’s glory. And I should never give up.

Jerry did this for me in 2001. It is now 2011 as I write this, and not a single part of it is gone, just as I promised him – I never sold or gave any of it away – and there were times when it was tempting. I’ve had seasons where it collected so much dust, I’d walk by it & look at it with shame, and wonder if I should put it up on Craigslist.  But for the most part, wherever we moved, I’d make sure it was all packed, & once unpacked, I’d find a corner or room to proudly display it (and use it!).

This gift represented a part of me – the music part. It still does. But more importantly, it represents the potential someone else saw in me and invested in. As I moved  (I had to write out all the places – the street names and cities we moved to over the last 11 years below, just so I could keep track right!), I made sure that the dream God had placed in my heart to sing, to write songs and to play an instrument stayed constant. Another wonderful story is how my husband bought me a beautiful acoustic guitar in ’04 for my birthday, but that’s another post.

The heart of that dream kept beating through all those years and all those moves. I used that equipment in tons of coffee shops & other lil venues as I sang about God & his gift in sending Jesus.

It remains a dream and will not ever fully be realized. I don’t think I’ll ever be fully satisfied with my musical productivity – typical artist. But that’s ok, as long as I don’t let discouragement & lies creep in and rob me of that potential.

I will use my equipment and free time, pen and paper to continue on creating and singing until my heavenly Father tells me otherwise. It was his from the beginning – all of it: the voice, lyrics, melodies – all his. But given to me to express to others by his grace. What a privilege! Oh I hope I don’t miss opportunities he gives me.

Jerry’s gift was one that I’ll never forget. But they were tools for an even greater gift which the Lord has given me to share – with at times, just one person. Maybe God will use it to bring joy or comfort or a deeper understanding of Him. I’m believing for songs I sing to bring emotional and physical healing (a prophetic word spoken over me by my husband in ’09).

My point is, it’s important to see the potential in those around you- and encourage them in it – if not invest in it. As my pastor would say, “hold the crown just a few inches above their head” and they will keep looking up and eventually grow into it with potential unfolding every day as they work toward it. That’s what is happening to me, ever so slowly.

  1. 2001  Foster /Beaverton
  2. 2002  Columbia / Tualatin
  3. 2003  124th / Beaverton
  4. 2004 – 05  Brookshire / Medford
  5. 2006 – 07  Devonwood / Eagle Point
  6. 2007 – 08  Kothman / Hutto, Tx
  7. 2008 – 09  Orgain / Hutto
  8. 2009 – 10  Altamont / Hutto
  9. 2010  Sherwood, OR
  10. 2010   Canyon Creek / Wilsonville
  11. 2010- 11  Morgan Ct. / Wilsonville

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