A Week of Memories in the Making with Gamma Janis

October 1st

To Angel & Bray’s surprise, we picked her up from PDX.

It was the longest Rick had gone without seeing his mom – since Christmas of ’10…over 9 mo.s.

& then we just caught up & carved pumpkins together later that night ~ 56 years old & this was a FIRST for her!

<vid to come!>

October 2nd

The gang played hookie from church as I sang that morning & then we just all hung out at home.

That night, we watched video clips of Comedian Tim Hawkins & then later after the kids went to bed, Brain Regan – which made Ricky & Janis & I laugh so hard we were just crying & stomach muscles were aching!


October 3rd

Got to Costco for lotsa groceries!

We just hung out & talked about worship & how different it can look depending on the church, and our favorite singers & worship bands.  Janis re-organized the kitchen pantry and some of the cupboards & now they’re extra efficient & user-friendly!

October 4th

Peach Wave Fro Yo! A BIG HIT.


Our temporary Professional Organizer got bored and cleaned out our fridge!

Visit to the new Wilsonville Fred Meyer (Angel and Gamma went grocery shopping while I went to an Art Literacy Training class at Braylon’s school).

October 5th

Target shopping!

Fred Meyer again!

Ms. Professional Organizer helped create a work station for Braylon & Angel in the study – cause they didn’t have a good place for their school work – or to sit & do it & have supplies kept in one place. So now, they DO. Thank you, J-mom!

Red Robin for lunch

That evening, we had Jeremy drop off Riley at our house to have a sleep over with his cousins, Aunt Channy, Uncle Rick (which he calls Gramma), and his (real) Gramma…which he’d been calling his “NEW” Gramma. The kids played & ran around the house in a whirlwind of giggling, inadvertent injuries, tears and then giggling again.

<vid to come!>

We all slept well (that wasn’t the night Braylon slept in Gamma’s bed with her & kept whacking & punching her with all of his limbs while peacefully dreaming. No, that only happened ONE night this week. Let the record show, we warned her!).

October 6th

We celebrated Jamie’s 28th birthday at her house ~with Pizza & German Chocolate cake. Rick’s blood sugar was really low on the way cause he didn’t eat breakfast or lunch – then our dinners plans got botched when his cell connection kept cutting out as he tried to order Annie’s hamburgers from the Asian lady who picked up the phone there.  But alas, there was Pizza Hut. And we still had fun… once our bellies were full. 🙂

Later, we got home and Rick had arranged a special late-night movie showing of, “Courageous” – and took Gamma & Bray with him to Bridgeport Theaters. They didn’t gt home til after midnight!

October 7th

We just slept in (Rick told Bray he could play HOOKIE!), hung out & talked about how GREAT that movie, “Courageous” was…then got ready to go @ 1 ish and went to Woodburn to hit “Coffee Stop” to see Carly & Corey there (we ordered the yummiest drinks: Pumpkin nog latte’ & a Mexican Mocha), then we went to the Woodburn Outlets  – Banana Republic, Gap… & Quicksilver to check out hoodies for Bray – Gamma got him a cool, black zip-up hoodie w/blue little stripes. 🙂 He was so happy. I was too – I got a PERFECT black winter coat @ BR for HALF off!

Even during peak traffic, we made it home to p/u the carrot cake & then to Gigi & Papa Bruce’s house as they had Mashita’s & lasagna ready for us all. Rick met us there ~  & we talked and ate & enjoyed sharing our time together.


October 8th

We decided to say goodbyes at home & have just Rick take his mom to the airport. A little less emotional that way. There were tears ~ Angel didn’t cry – she’s oblivious.  But Bray & I did. And of course, Janis did. But we sent her off with a burned worship CD of Shane & Shane music, a photo we took of her & the kiddos which we printed out from the computer,
…two coloring book pages artistically crayola’d by Angel and I think Braylon had snuck in her purse some love notes that no one knew about – under specific instruction to only be opened and read at another time. She sent Rick a text a few hrs later, to let Braylon know she LOVED them.
I don’t know how it was for Rick dropping off his mom there. It must have been difficult.
This time we spent with her was a love-filled, family-filled time. We sure missed her wonderful counterpart, Papa Bob. I miss his laugh, his outdoorsiness, his helpful heart, compassionate comments, displays of affection, and many other things (his football games are missing from that lengthy list). But I know we’ll see his loving face soon. VERY hopeful that we will see them both as a married UNIT visiting us more & more in the next year & beyond.
We sure love those guys.
And SO enjoyed our special week with Gamma.

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