A Braysay about…Beauty and the Laugh

Tonight as Ricky & I laid beside Braylon just before he went to sleep, I asked him to name one thing that he liked about Dad’s personality that I don’t necessarily have, and something about mine that dad doesn’t have. About his dad, he said, ” his laugh. Mom, you don’t really laugh like him, and not as much.”

When it came to my turn, after much deliberation (which was borderline-upsetting! ) he actually thought of something: “I like the way you look at things. Like…how you see them. You say stuff like, “Wow, look at this beautiful bridge over this lovely river!” to which I replied, “oh! like beauty in nature? Yeah, dad doesn’t really talk about beauty a whole lot” & Braylon replied,

“well… he does when it’s about you.”


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