Rick & Chelan’s lil Seattle Getaway

As the Lord is helping us build up some weaker parts in our relationship, He gave us this opportunity: a 2-day, 1-night stay in Seattle where we got to go (kid-free) to a football game, eat some great food, stay at an adorable (well-heated!) Bed & Breakfast, share a delicious latte from Seattle’s Best, shop Pike’s Market, & just enjoy each other’s company. On the drive home, I was just in awe of the how the sunlight hit a truly majestic Mr. Ranier & made it shine.

Rick could’ve chosen someone else to go with him, but he chose me this time ~ bought me a special Eagles jersey-T shirt & then called me his “Sea Gal”  (?!)  I’m just  happy that we got to go together. Who knows?  Maybe it’ll become a tradition.


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