5 Years of Angel

Five years ago yesterday, we were living in Eagle Point, Oregon in a cute little 1700 sqr ft. home on Devonwood, Ct.  Braylon was all into Captain Jack Pirate gear at 5 yrs old, & we were attending Valley Christian Fellowship, gettin’ a room painted & decorated & gettin our brains & our home all ready for a new baby girl. After debating on the names “Lyrica” & “Angelina”, We’d decided on a name Ricky came up with, a simpler version… “Angel” (as long as I got to pick out her middle name, L’ryn).

L’ryn was a unique way to spell Lauryn – derived from a favorite singer of mine, Lauryn Hill. I think it sounds great with “Angel”, too…and maybe, just maybe Angel will become a singer like me & my Diva, Ms. Lauryn Hill. No pressure girl! Just a thought.

Here are some of my faves of Angel ~ beginning with the most recent. Let it be KNOWN that I really do believe her to be my favorite little girl in the whole wide world. And that she IS a princess. She is a child – a daughter – of the King of Kings. Royalty in in her blood & life is in her mossy-green eyes.

Summer '11 in Gigi's Backyard

A video of Angel’s “Best Frog Face” – taken on an autumn walk with her cousin, Gabby after finding – you guessed it, a frog. What a couple a goofs!

Spring of ’11 @ Bray’s Baseball game


FOUR years old, just after spending Christmas with the Reeves & Russ family

Here, is Angel getting her new Toddler Bed (while we lived on Altamont) age almost 3 (Sept. ’09). I think she liked it!

Angel (2 1/2 ?) and I – greeting Braylon at the bus stop – a typical windy afternoon on Orgain St. in TX. She always loved to give him hugs at the bus stop.

And one more – this is from the Daphne season – when we had a wiener dog for a year – the video Ricky made to document Angel’s Introduction to Pop Rocks! We absolutely LOVE this – and laugh every single time we watch it. Any video is instantly better when put to a G & R song.

Still going back in time… Here’s a lil clip of Angel that I LOVE, of her trying to learn a few words, like “Shoot“. And another one here – bein’ a lil copy cat of me. She was about 2, & we’d just moved to Orgain St in the fall of ’08.  Hutto, TX.  I think that there are FEW things as cute as a little person learnin’ how to talk!

  • Her 2nd birthday~ some favorite shots of the McAngel Party…w/the Todd’s, McConnells (Ava), and McIntiers – Sophie and Chaney were her closest friends.
A hot, fall day – great for a car washin’. She’s wearing my Gramma Carol’s pearls.
  • Tyler Texas Pics of Zoo time & the County Fair ~ Yee Haw, that was FUN!  Ms. Corndog Girl’s 1st carnival ride.

  • Angel, still in diapers (just 2 years old) tryin’ to poo. – Not fun. Then she totally denies it.
  • Angel has always been pretty eager to help! Even before she could talk, she was signing that she wanted to Sweep the Floor MORE.  Hope that lasts for… til she moves out! Here’s another one about a year earlier (at Kothman) – again, wiping up the floor for me…and lovin’ it.
  • Also taken at Kothman, the 9/’07-9/’08 year in Tx, here’s a great example of why we called her “Mophead” – as she slurps up her drink in a tired & sick stuper.
  • After watching this CLASSIC – “Toddler Tradition” you’ll never think of mini-marshmallows the same.
  • Just after moving to Texas, Angel turned ONE. Here’s a photo I love of her Daddy lovin’ on her.

~ We actually got her 1st steps on video! ~

  • As a baby, this girl made some of the weirdest noises.(taken 9 ’07, 1 mo. after moving to TX)  They were pretty entertaining. 😉
  • Before we moved to Tx, Daddy got his baby girl on video tryin to eat a mushy banana….Just PRECIOUS.

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