You Always Have a Way

Today my husband got the kids ready for church just like he always does when I’m singing that morning. It’s so cute. Braylon showed up in an awesome new hair style he came up with, to look like Freddie from iCarly. He was simple adorable.

He did what he could with Angel … she came  in a matching summer dress (mind you, it’s January 8th), tights and white summer wedges (which she still calls “marches”). Her hair wasn’t brushed, but it was pulled away from her face with a pink headband & she donned a print, fleece jacket so she wouldn’t get cold.

It’s always entertaining to see how the kids show up on Sundays I’m ‘”on”. 🙂

The song I sang today was “I Will Worship You Lord” by David Crowder. I was happy to have been asked to sing this one. It was anointed & the last one of the set, so I got to have everyone “hang out” on it for a minute after it was supposed to end. After some adlibbing, I looked @ the lyrics and noticed a part in the 2nd verse, I wanted to revisit.  The instruments quieted for a moment as we sang:

be all my hopes

be all my dream

be all my delight

be my everything

…and we sang that 4 times and then went back into the chorus, “I will worship you, Lord, only you, Lord. And I will bow down before you, only you Lord”…ending it in one last chorus with just the voices of all the worshipers there. It was so peaceful. And so beautiful to hear those few hundred voices expressing worship to the same great God. What an honor it was to lead that song. Sometimes I just get lost up there. In the best way.


Ricky’s & my relationship lately has been… well, the best word I can think of right now for it is fragile. So after service, at home in our kitchen when he came up to me quickly with a smile, it made me smile too. Then he held me close to him for a second and told me, “you always have a way of blessing me when you sing”. And he finished the moment off with a kiss.

That feeling I felt when I heard him say that and really mean it … just…

melted my heart.


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