Goodbye, My Love…Crunch

Just this morning, I noticed the serving size on my bag of Love Crunch. It was my favorite cereal. Earlier this week, I was about to post a great ad for it on my wall saying it’s my newest sexy midnight temptation.
But I was so disappointed when I noticed that the people who did the nutrition facts label on it were no less than deceiving…with that 1/4 c. serving size.

REALLY? I did the math and it made me sick. I’ve bought 2 bags so far, mistakenly assuming it was like every other bag of cereal (serving wise) and the grams would apply to 3/4 c or 1 cup. Really, in all my label reading years, I’ve NEVER come across a serving size for cereal that small.

It reminded me of this comedy bit:

“Want another one? – ‘I don’t know! I’ve already had two WHOLE fig newtons!'”


Even though I love your taste, now I know why. You’re packed with carbs and sugar. And I won’t ever buy you again. 😦 I feel like I just broke-up with, you, LC. I’m sorry, baby. I even just read this morning, that you give back to Food Banks with matching funds per bag up to $1 million! It made it even more painful. If you’d have just been really honest & realistic in the 1st place like all the other cereals, maybe we woulda had a chance!

Good bye… my Love… Crunch. (sniff)


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