Salmon Patties!

So I finally gave Salmon Patties a try tonight ~ and they were super easy and yummy too! Here’s the specs I used:

  1. open/drain 2 (6oz) cans of salmon
  2. hand-beat 1 egg
  3. mix in 1.2 c. of quick oats or smashed crackers
  4. add salmon to the crumby mix
  5. finely chop up some bell peppers (& onions, or onion powder)
  6. also dash some salt and pepper (or lemon pepper if you want)
  7. pour canola oil into pan & heat on med-high, about 1″ deep
  8. mix peppers/& or onions all together w/salmon;  form patties 1/2″ thick
  9. use a spatula to lower the patties in; cook/brown for several minutes til sides turn brown
  10. don’t flip too early…cook for a few minutes on other side to even it out (nice-n-brown all-ova).

Serve with fries, corn or whateva! Crunch away to your tummy’s content.  My WHOLE family of 4 ate these (a big accomplishment) and wanted more…so next time I’d add 1 more egg , 1 more can of salmon & like 5 or 6 cracker crumbs.


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