Sonic Slushes for the Hard Workers at the Wilsonville Exit

Sometimes when Angel and I have nothing in particular to do, we just do what seems right. We were driving around one afternoon a few days ago by these construction workers, and I thought, “man, if I worked that job on a hot day, I’d sure like a stranger to come up to me and give me a Sonic Slush.” It sounded good to me. So we wasted no time. Off to Sonic we went, photo’d the Slush flavor choices, and after several detours, walked up to this bunch of guys and said,

“Hi! Would you guys like to have something to drink… like maybe a Sonic Slush? I’m making a SLUSH-RUN.” They looked confused at first, but then smiled and said, “Uh, yeah sure! Who….do we have to thank?” Angel and I just smiled, “I guess just us. You’re welcome. Just mark what flavor you want and I’ll be back.”

What’d they order? Well, out of all those flavors, 5 chose Watermelon and 1 chose Blue Coconut!  We walked back to our car, got the awesome beverages from our carhop on rollerblades, and drove back, parked, walked up to them with their order and they were so grateful. One asked why I did it. I said simply because they work hard and it’s a hot day.

Angel was giddy with excitement the whole time. It was like a little adventure to her. I think that’s what life can be for anyone who takes a little time to seize every-day opportunities to do to other people what you’d like them to do to you. It brings so much joy.

It has the power to not only make someone’s day, but change a whole community.

I think I will make a habit out of it.


One thought on “Sonic Slushes for the Hard Workers at the Wilsonville Exit

  1. reconciling viewpoints May 14, 2012 / 12:09 am

    Good job, and fun stuff!

    Read a similar post a few weeks ago from a woman who has made a habit of doing something similar with their kids — buying extra groceries and finding a homeless person to share them with. Part of their goal was to make the unloved feel special, that someone cares.

    I don’t normally leave links to other posts on people’s blogs, but I think you’ll like this one, Chelan (though you might want the kleenex handy):

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