Freedom From vs. Freedom To ~ What Drives You to Obedience is the Key to Freedom

Some may disagree with the take Matt Chandler has on “once saved, always saved – & if you think you’ve ‘fallen away’ form the grip of salvation, you were never actually saved to begin with” belief. But don’t let that throw you for a loop…regardless of that & what we believe (I’m still hashing that out, spiritually, as to what I believe about it) – Chandler is rock solid in his grasp of the Word and teaches it with clarity & some loving sarcasm – which Ricky & I are totally drawn to for some reason! He’s not just a teacher, he’s a preacher.  And we love to go back to his sermons here ~ when we want or need a great dose of truth.

This particular sermon dives into what that scripture means when it says “It is for Freedom that Christ set us free”. (from Gal. 5:1-7).  He talks about what we are free FROM…and also, what we are now free TO…!

One big take-away I got from it this morning, is that my acts of goodness & right living should be done because of the love inside of me for the Lord & others. As if it is pouring out of me from the overflow of love in my heart toward my God. NOT because of fear, insecurity or feeling threatened by another’s good deeds.

I want to also teach Braylon & Angel to love and show acts of love because they are motivated inwardly, by God – not from the motivation of fear.  But I think I have a challenge before me – it seems almost more effective to get Braylon to obey because of fear that if he doesn’t, ____________will happen.

Heavenly Father, in your patience and abounding love for me, show me how to help my children find joy in obedience to authorities & to You – by teaching them that the motivation for right behavior & obeying… should be LOVE. Their actions should reflect their measure of faith, expressing itself to others, all day long, in LOVE. (Gal. 5:6)

Here is That Message.


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