Changes for the New Year

This December has been an adventure – a whirlwind of emotions, anticipation and hope for adventure to come.  After all, that last part is what life with Christ is about.

Ricky quit his job at Fidelity National Title starting Dec. 1. They were kind enough to pay him thru December as a thank-you token for what he provided while there. We were stunned at his boss’s generosity. But not too stunned – Jeff has shown appreciation for Ricky’s work and presence there from Day 1 w/Fidelity, last September.  Who knows what Ricky’s gonna do with that huge Fidelity logo he got tattoo’d on his forearm. Maybe make it a sun or something.  He quit so he could go back on his own – work for himself again as a web consultant and designer. He’s got the best ideas around…I’ve heard so many of them…and they really are innovative. We’ve always joked around that one day one of his ideas is gonna take off and make tons of money. But of course, from what we’ve learned this last year about the needs of those in developing countries, we’d love that money – so we could invest in the lives and potential of those who are suffering RIGHT NOW. It really is all about the Kingdom – an eternal perspective and using our gifts, talents, time, and knowledge to further the will of God here on earth – however we can.

My job – my mandate – my passion – my calling – my anointing…still the same, although my literal job – my position – has just changed. I hung up my saddle about a week ago as Portland Ambassador for Stop Child Trafficking Now. No hard feelings at all. And I will certainly miss it – especially the support of those at the head office in NY. But a lot went into that decision that began stirring in me back in August – too much to write here.  Long story condensed, I followed what God was tuggin’ at me to do in order to make a continual, and even greater impact on Portland concerning the commercial sexual exploitation of children.  The SCTNow name was getting in the way of what the Lord was calling me to do, and keeping me from making some powerful connections. Many, I believe, I have yet to learn about.

I still don’t know what this new “role” will look like yet – what capacity or title I may have – if it means travelling, speaking in schools, becoming part of a government sanctioned committee that raises awareness, helping connect churches and NPO’s to make a stronger collaborative impact? I just don’t know yet.  But that in and of itself is exciting to me. I don’t have to have it all figured out right now. But I do need to be constantly listening to the Lord and His directives, and consult him about every single opportunity that arises..for I know there will be many.

I penned this poem yesterday … it describes how I feel about the change, pretty well:

I’m in this fight
I won’t do nothing
There lies a seed
Of hope for bought
My hands at work
I won’t be idle
Lest evil lurk
Upon my watch
It shall sustain
For profit pulls at 
The fabric of 
My bravery
I must remain
Extol the mandate
Abolish shame
And slavery
So here we go into 2013 – both jazzed about justice and new business ventures – so much I haven’t even written. But time will tell – history will tell – just how much faith we have and how much we believe God will direct us and do his will in our lives and in the lives our little family.

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