Pain – showing up as physical, but with spiritual roots

My post-root canal pain was on and off – and when on,it was debilitating. I was led to ask forgiveness for something I did that contributed to a heated discussion with my husband about an hr earlier. As soon as I did, all pain in my mouth disappeared & has only shown traces of itself since. Some would say that was just a coincidence and the meds “kicking in”, but they should’ve done that long before. As I cont’d to seek The Lord and humble myself about  my argument, position, & attitude, he showed me that my added words were only inflaming the issue…just what was happening around my tooth. I was not infecting, but my words caused  inflammation which caused emotional pain.  

I blv that once in a while, spiritual dispositions can become evident & manifest themselves as physical discomfort or pain in order to further reveal Gods will or a desired act of obedience…like repentance or surrender. 
I was reminded that This has happened before to Ricky with extreme unexplainable shoulder pain when we were in TX (’10). But God spoke thru this man, a pastor who came over to pray – & the pain was instantly and literally transferred to him as he gave Ricky a word of knowledge. It was the weirdest coolest thing! The word he gave was that Ricky was trying to hold up a shield of protection and like David, the piece of armor was too heavy for him. He was never meant to hold it up alone, but was to give his concerns to God with faith increasing. In doing this, admitting weakness, humbling himself & submitting to God’s will, that invisible strong “shield of faith” became lighter and bearable for Ricky. The shoulder pain that had him reeling…left him and entered this pastor’s same shoulder, & then was healed within an hour, by the time they had left our home.
God is so gentle, full of mercy and mystery… I just love Him.

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