Today as I lobbied at the State Capitol in favor of two new bills that make Oregon’s s trafficking laws and penalties stronger, Angel spent the day with my mom who took her to get her something cute, as she usually does. This time it was a thrift store, where she found an authentic “Build a Bear”.  As I tucked her into our bed a little later, she asked me what I thought we should name her new purply fuzzy bear. I thought of Royalty…but didn’t tell her.  Instead, I let her come up with several of her own and wanted to choose my favorite from her kindergarten name-generator. One I liked was her idea of  “anything that rhymes with Pink”.

She digressed to asking me how my day was which paved the way to my story about how after leaving the Capitol, I dropped my keys, purse and phone in my LOCKED car (and the locksmith adventures that ensued). Then as she told me of her new desire to visit the Capitol, I replied,  “Oh, baby, you might be bored… but then again, you might think it’s awfully pretty. I sure did. It’s got cherry blossom trees with gray squirrels all around it,  it’s really tall, there’s lots of statues, and it’s walls and steps are made of pure white marble.”

Her eyes grew as if  intrigued by that last word.  I guess she didn’t know that one yet. “Narble.” she said. And grinned. Then a second later as I couldn’t help but let my giggle out, she held her purple bear up with both hands tightly around its arms and said to its furry face, “NARBLE!” This exclamation sent me into a laughing fit that made her laugh too, and then after about a minute or two, we settled down. And said it again and smiled.

C’mon… say it. It’s fun… NARBLE!

And she got up out of bed with her animal, explaining, “Oh, I’m so thirsty from laughing at Narble.”

So it is decided.

And so it shall be.


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