Sweet 16










We celebrated 16 years of bein’ married to each other Friday night šŸ™‚ It was so sweet. We got to use a gift certificate to our favorite local sushi place, Sushi Ave…. Then we drove to NW 23rd to find Salt & Straw, the ice cream joint I’ve been itchin to try for like a year! It was soooo worth it. The flavors are crazy odd and the batches are super fresh with very local ingredients.



He enjoyed his Sea salt with caramel ribbon/Pear with blue cheese and me, my Woodblock Chocolate Freckled/Coffee with bourbon on waffle cones as we strolled along the sidewalks of NW 23rd, people watching and memory hashing all the way.
I made him dash into Urban Outfitters to take a gander at all the strange and slightly inappropriate items there…Among which was a cute black headband & fuzzy blue monster coin-purse he bought me. We may or may not have glanced at a “position per day” Kama sutra sketch book (with more like stick drawings for figures)! That was pretty entertaining.
Then I had him drive to a peak in Wilsonville just as the sun disappeared. There were no clouds which tossed my hopes for a great sunset, but we still saw a cool cemetery where we spread out a blanket (a throw back to a date we had in ’95 when we sat on a cemetery bench and he noticed I was getting cold… so he found a way to get the American flag down of the pole and he wrapped me in it).
This time, we did a brain-challenge game where we made a timeline of our marriage and thought of it in segments according to what we went through, where we lived or what we were doing for a living. It was all laid out on paper from ’97 to 2013…7 segments and we named them all together, using tiny Scrabble tiles. Weird, I know. But I just had to carry on the theme of weirdness our anniversary date had acquired from the get-go.

We were back by 10, & got to hug our lil ones good night.
The evening was delightful!



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