But Such As I Have, Give I Thee

6/21/13: TAZ. (Vancouver’s Mill Plain 112th st. exit). I stopped & stayed thru a light to talk.

I said hi, and he said it back, & asked how my day was. “Great!”, I exclaimed and then apologized I didn’t have money to give him & he smiled in return and reassured me, “that’s ok! At least you rolled your window down and smiled at me!” I asked his name, and he he said “Taz” with a certain amount of confidence. He quickly asked for mine, and when I said Chelan, I was about to explain the origin, but he beat me to it…”it’s Native American isn’t it?”
Yes! I replied. How’d u know?
“For 18 years I was married to a woman named Tama, who was part Native American”.
“Oh, wow!” I replied. “My name means ‘deep waters’.” He did his best to give a compliment perhaps feeling like he owed me something for my time and attention, “deep, like your eyes.” But he seemed sincere.
I knew I’d raised my sunglasses for a reason. Looking into someone’s eyes without a layer of shades really does give a greater sense of intimacy and says without words, I’m not afraid of you or getting to know you.

“Well, I better go”, I said…this time using words. “Maybe I’ll see you later!?”.

He flashed his smiled again, bearing a missing space that a tooth once filled,
“I sure hope so!”

As I drove off, he obviously wanted to keep talking. I didn’t have money, gift card or even a Cliff Bar or after school snack I keep a stash of by the console. I had nothing of monetary value. But such as I had, gave I he. My smile, my time, my eye contact, a quick 3 or 4 minutes of sweet conversation.

Pray for Taz. Pray that we all become prepared to give whatever we have in a moment of someone else’s need. It may not make the lame walk, but it could very well make a homeless person’s day. It could be just what he needs to boost his self esteem and see a glimpse of his true value. Taz is important. Valued.
Loved by God.


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