For Such a Time as This

This last week has been a surprisingly smooth transition from our cute home in Wilsonville to living with the in-laws until Ricky’s or another opportunity comes available (which may just happen today or Thursday)!

Things that temper the uneasiness of change the most have been…

  • The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Living with Godly leaders / counselors who happen to be relatives has been a huge comfort.
  • This house is BRAND spankin’ new! And beautiful, and just the right size – a 3 bedroom, where the kids get to share a room and they like each other enough to actually be excited about the idea.
  • This new neighborhood has some of the friendliest families on it. So far in one week, 3 different couples and many other kids have come to our front door bearing handmade edibles or asking our wee’s to play.
  • The kids’ friends 4 houses down are Christians, which is an answer to a prayer I’ve whispered to God about Braylon.
  • The countryside around us is donned with rows of vineyards and green lush hills. It is stunning, especially at sunset.
  • Newberg has a great lil community – very central to many places our family is already used to frequenting ~ Freddies, Dutch Bro’s, Starbucks, McD’s w/a Redbox & Wendy’s and a Teriyaki Chicken place to name a few.

In short, we are thankful. I am thankful to my ever-thoughtful God for this home, the welcome & the area… for such a time as this.



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