Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it all.

About a month ago, toward the end of June, we realized there was no realistic way we could stay in our house. We had to move. It happened to be right when our lease agreement ended. It was such perfect timing, because although moving wasn’t a great event we looked forward to, we didn’t really have a choice…and Ricky’s parents were moving in to their brand new home in newberg that same weekend we had to move out of ours. And they’d graciously invited us to stay with them in their two spare bedrooms while we got our footing again. We had no idea how long that would take.
Shortly after the move, Ricky and I had a coffee shop talk about our next place. I thought it’d be fun to dream together – go back and forth on something we’d like it to have.
Here are some qualities that come to mind. Some were realistic and some were downright silly:

C – central air conditioning/heating
R – lawns he doesn’t have to mow
C – Christian landlords/homeowners
R – nice carpet/floors
C – safe neighborhood in a cul-de-sac, w/other children, by a park
R – a hot-tub
C – a rentable portion of a bigger home (like, upper or lower half or MIL home)
R – small
C – a garden
R – the place comes FURNISHED
C – automatic ice-maker in fridge
C – kitchen sink that has a window over it
C – fireplace
C – something big enough for our LIFEgroup to meet at
C – washer & dryer onsite

Well, two days ago Ricky agreed to help Kenny Snyder move, and for his help, the Snyders offered to take us out to dinner. Afterward, they all headed back to the Piland’s where we are staying…and the conversation came up that we were living there, but would love to have our own place.

Well they perked right up and said their closest friends have been praying for a family to rent the top 2/3 of their home out to. Their friends live .4 miles from the Piland’s – literally walking distance…and they are strong believers (we actually kind of know already). They were home at the time, and invited us all over for a tour. When I arrived, I was in awe. She smiled and motioned me inside, “welcome to your new place!” I was beside myself. During the tour I kept crying but tried to play it off like I had bad allergies. Ha!
Even without an application or deposit, even without 1st months rent, they told us today, they know it is us they are supposed to rent it out to, and they just cleaned the carpets so we can move on in whenever we want.
Here is the kicker you may find a bit of a stretch but it is NOT: it has every single thing Ricky and I dreamed of in our coffee-shop wish game. Well, all except “small” and by a park – but the park wish doesn’t even count, because the entire backyard is like a huge nature-park for the kids to explore, complete with a winding creek with many little bridges over it, tall trees, hummingbirds, squirrels…and even their own beaver that likes to dam up the creek! Plus, the kitchen is amazing, there is beautiful hardwood in half the house, the back patio is retreat-like with a fire-pit and plenty of seating, a bedroom has a hidden secret cubby-room in the closet…and, and, and
And longs
To give good gifts
To his children.

That is it.

We are lying down, closing our eyes and smiling, so humbled by His goodness & generosity & power & favor & sovereign hand on us.

We move in a few days.


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