Our First Vacation Ever: Silverwood

..that is, with the four of us, and for more than two days. FIVE days on the road – through Walla Walla (staying with the Eagons) and on to Idaho. We tried to keep our final destination a secret and succeeded mostly, up til about an hour and a half before we got there. Bray did figure out we were heading to a water park. His mental and physical state really needed a boost as we traveled through the dead hills of eastern Washington. He’d puked and was suckin’ down Pepto and 7-up. Ricky & I stopped at a Ritzville gas station, secretly chatted and “let the cat out”.

Bray and Angel didn’t know, though, there was an entirely different part of the theme park that awaited them – one with thrill rides, super tasty, fatty fair-foods, a magic show and experiences we would have no place else. It was Silverwood Theme Park. There were so many blessings and so many cool rides. They won’t forget it. But just in case they get amnesia some day, here are my favorite photos from the trip:



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