Just Tired

So tired.
Spiritually learning so much. I’m a sponge. Words of knowledge, prophesy, healing, tongues, 5 fold ministry, stepping out in faith.
I’m also in the cusp of a new ministry. Another prayer night for sex trafficking. Starts this Sat. I’m pretty prepared, logistically. Prayers lists, promotion, blank greeting cards (for survivors), candles, a live guitarist, and coffee will be freshly brewed for attendees.
I feel like I used to think about my own agenda more. Now it’s like The Holy Spirit is overtaking my thoughts all the time. It’s spilling out of me onto others, increasing faith and hope and sometimes these…waves of fatigue.
And emotion.
I cry.
But it’s ok.
They are growing pains I suppose. And I know that I can’t even grasp right now the impact His words are having in others around me. I just have to trust that they will stir and lighten and change. And that I will go to sleep and wake up refreshed, ready for another day of listening to and walking with Him.
Which really, is the best thing ever.
It’s just kinda new. And…
I’m just tired.


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