Big Al’s Bartender

Ricky & I happened to be at Big Al’s today for a B-day party & before we left, we ended up approaching the BIG dude bartender with tattoos. I admittedly waited til I saw him smile and it drew out the teddy-bear in him so I was no longer intimidated. I thought his name might be Chris, but as I walked over to the end of the bar and motioned him over, I noticed his name tag read, ” Bryant”.
“I know you don’t know me but I feel like God wanted me to come over here & tell you he loves you (he smiled & his eyes brightened)…and he’s loved you since the day you were born. And he has a GREAT plan for your life.”
His face just beamed and he thanked me.
No one had come up for a drink from him yet so I asked him, “is there ANYthing at all I can pray for you about?”
He thought about it…
– Yeah, sure! I’m moving to Texas soon, taking a new job the day after Christmas.

“Ok! Anything else? How’s your body…any pain anywhere?!”
– I have back pain sometimes. I was in the military and it was injured, and then I got in a car accident.

A couple came up to order a drink, so I said, “YOU take care o’ them & I’ll be back to pray for you, k?”
– Ok! He said, excited.

I went & got Ricky at that point, and prayed for this bartender’s back (he let me put one hand on it and I felt his back getting very warm where I touched him) and for his upcoming move (for wisdom, no anxiety and total fulfillment) all in JESUS’ Name, thanking Him for all he’s doing in Bryant’s life.

As we left, he thanked us again and I looked him dead in the eye sternly reminding him like a momma, “He LOVES you.”

This was our first time stepping out like this, together as a couple.
It was pretty awesome.



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