Salt Shaker

Yesterday, just before awaking, I laid in bed and a quick vision came to my mind of a salt shaker. I saw it grasped by a hand shaking salt out, but as you might guess, only a small portion would come out because of the holes. Then they unscrewed the lid & dumped the salt out of the shaker completely. The small hill of salt was on a table top, not food. And just before awaking, I had the feeling like this was a good thing.

I’m still seeking God for the meaning, but perhaps He is saying that I tend to measure out Him in careful doses, and it’s time to take the lid off of His power – let it flow out with no calculation or overthought. It is time to let His Spirit pour out of me wherever I go.

There are many mentions of salt in the Bible. It’ll be fun to stumble on them now.

This is exciting! I’m starting to live and love this way!

Also playing with salts many properties to see if any apply to my new faith journey. Preservative, adds flavor, brings healing and cleansing(?) and it does other things too, like keeps homemade ice cream consistency just right!


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