Athey Creek’s Poet (pt.1)

Saturday night my family attended a service at Athey Creek that gave a taste of the next evening’s concert: “A Christmas Together”, a compilation of several artists. I struggled with paying money I wasn’t sure we had to go the next night, but I knee that if I did, the main reason would not be to be entertained or even blessed by the worshipful atmosphere and talent. It would be to pray for Micah, the spoken word poet, for a condition he has had to endure for several years involving bleeding and inflammation of internal organs.

Saturday night he actually performed a poem about it. What a Fool, I believe he titled it. Track 11 at the link below.

The first half of this poem tried hard to intimidate me. But the rest gave me some boldness and encouragement. The Spirit of God wouldn’t relent yesterday (Sunday) as I kept vacillating. Should I go? Would it be worth the money spent, the time away from family, the emotional energy?
I decided it would. Because I knew that Micah was on tour and I didn’t know when I’d get to see him again to pray in person. To lay my hand on him and pray for healing for him in faith.

After the show, I kept my distance from him and watched as he mingled through an adoring crowd and signed CD’s for children. I dismissed the stalker vibe I thought I was giving out, and the thought of leaving when I lost track of him.


I approached Jadon Lavic a fellow musician and friend on tour with him, but he didn’t know where he’d gone. I asked Tim Timmons and after an awesome little conversation on authority in Christ, he pointed me to a little room with a cracked door in the back corner of the sanctuary. It was the “green room”.

So off I walked. Whether he’d receive my offer in his heart, I wouldn’t know. But I knew he’d let me pray. “What a Fool” from the night before, gave that away.
I peeked in and singer, Sarah MacIntosh was seated on the ground; she greeted and welcomed me in and I saw Micah sitting on the couch to her left.


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