As I Dream of Angels, Ricky Jumps

Was just dreaming that I was picking out some gifts on behalf of a survivor and praying that two angels would show up for her.

Somehow there was resistance with one of them, but as I picked out a gift to put it in a bag for her, I think i was praying, and I heard over a loud speaker in this store that the 2nd angel has been released and I jumped up to celebrate (in my dream).

The second I did that, in the physical here & now, Ricky who was sleeping beside me jumped up out of bed excited or fearful …I couldn’t tell.
I woke up and said JESUS…& told Ricky, “come on back to bed, baby.” then just prayed – now awake – in Jesus name, that all fear leave.
He calmed down and got back into bed within seconds.


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