Walmart’s Greeter

Carl was so genuine when the four of us walked into Walmart the other night. “Welcome to Walmart!” He sat on his stool. Gray head of hair, alert and kind. And after we engaged a moment introducing Angel to him, he paused and resolutely said to us, light blue eyes wide open, “May peace and good will be yours in the new year”.
We picked up the movie we were there to buy per our Pastor’s recommendation, “Ragamuffin” the story of Rich Mullins and headed out, past Carl again. Ricky told him as we passed, to have a good night, and that God loved him. And I lingered behind thinking there may be an opportunity there for more. I asked him, “hey, is there anything at all we can pray for you about before we go?” He answered with a surprised “yes!” and went into a myriad of ways the earth, specifically the northern hemisphere and the health of all humankind is being ecologically threatened. He was once a Lab Scientist for ten years and now plans to move with his wife, Jodie to Chile to “plant forests”. I asked again, emphasizing anything personally? Anything health related…and he interrupted with conviction in his voice, “That would be it. For the peace and wellbeing of this earth.”
Our family loosely huddled around him as I prayed with my hand on his arm, for peace and God’s guidance for him and his wife in all their future endeavors. I thanked the Lord for his selfless, thoughtful nature and asked for blessing in Jesus’ name.
With a beautiful wrinkly smile, he thanked us for praying for him, and we went on our way, past the lines of shopping carts and into the chilly air that night.
We may not ever know the affect of that little moment, but I bet it created a stir in his heart.


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