Lil Cooperstown – a Day For the Books

Today has been epic. Truly a day “for the books”, for me. I knew that God had good things in store when I booked a lunch date with my cousin, but I didn’t realize how good til it happened.
We met at Lil Cooperstown at 12:30. I knew that’d be the perfect place, at a booth, enjoying food & catching up. It didn’t take long before the conversation turned spiritual. I was finally ready to bring someone the truth of the gospel, without fear or pride or anxiety. And what made it ideal was that she was ready to hear it and receive it. I had brought a Student NIV Bible with me, leather bound. I spent the morning marking it up and highlighting my favorite verses and passages in it, and tied a silver bow around it. Before leaving the house I also brought the book, “Who I Am in Christ” as a sort of step of faith in case I did get to see her hand her life over to Jesus.
In 38 years, I haven’t been able to lead anyone into a relationship with Jesus. Today broke that 38 year old streak. We talked about all kinds of things. Not far in, I asked my cousin if she’d like to live for and give her life to Jesus. And she said yes!! We took hands and I prayed and she agreed out loud with me. It was so amazing.
On top of that, I got to witness and minister to and pray with our server, Earl who described himself as a prodigal son.
So good!
This is the way to live! Like… Whenever you type live and accidentally hit the “o” instead of “i”…
To live is to love!


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