Marriage Problems are “For the Birds”.

Last night a woman I know opened up to me when I asked her if there was anything I could pray for her about. The focus of her answer was on her marriage. She normally doesn’t let herself be vulnerable and likes to stay vague. But as it happened, we ended up talking for nearly an hour in that parking lot, she must’ve cried three or four times as we talked about God’s love, our identity, trust, health… and now I look back and kinda laugh to myself that just as I take her hand in prayer, birds stared chirping outside my car window. They sounded pretty and distant at first, and it threw me off, cause it was like 10pm! But then they got closer & louder and so distracting to me, I had to stop my prayer and go “WHAT THE?!? Are those birds?!”
It was as easy as using the tool in my car to cancel out the distracting noise. I rolled my window up all the way. And it was suddenly very quiet. We continued, and the presence of God was there.

After I got home, I remembered a “poem/song” God gave me the night before. Something about intentionally turning down noise…

“Keep your eyes on me, don’t look to the right or to the left. Keep your eyes on me.
Don’t look down at the raging seas.
When your gaze is on mine, my love is made clear to you.
And you will walk with me on the same waters that caused you to fear.

Turn down the noise, all the noise of this world
Stop your ears to it, all the noise of the enemy
For my truth is louder. A birthplace for transformation.

My Word is the loudest, most constant whisper
And you know my voice. It speaks louder than your doubt and frustration.

I am patient.
I am present.
I am for you…”


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