The Busboy and Crippled Woman at LaProvence

Ricky and I had to use a gift card we got for Christmas ~ and I was excited ~ my first time to “LaProvence”. We got to talkin with the man who bussed our table and God gave me a prophetic word for him about him rising up to his place of leadership with his family and that the difficult times he experienced in his past (which he said dealt w/gangs and jail) had nothing to do with God, but that he has life abundant for him instead, as he trains his children in righteousness.
Then I asked to have him sent back to our table as we were finishing up, and he hesitantly let me pray for him right there, saying yes, he did have something going on w/his health: a malfunctioning liver since age 5 (genetic) and a battle with drinking that he implied is affecting it. He’s going to the hospital for an ultrasound tomorrow.

God is so good. He just looks constantly for open vessels.

His love flowed right through my pounding heart, past the fear, and by the prayers end, this man, Carlos, was teary-eyed and thanking us genuinely!! As we left I said, I expect only good things.
Believe it!
I do. I expect him to get tested tomorrow and the medical staff doing double and triple checks to find anything wrong, only to come up clueless and dumbfounded because there will be nothing to find.

In that same restaurant, I had my eyes on a mid-aged woman who was walking with a cane and very obvious limp, with a turned-in foot and specially made shoes. I thought I’d “apprehend” her to ask to pray in the restroom, but she zoomed right past me. I thought I’d lost my opportunity as we left and went to other shops. 20 min.s later, my husband and I walked back to our car and guess who’s walking out of the restaurant to her car? Her! I smiled sheepishly at God for giving me this 2nd chance. Would I take it? Decision time. We walked past her car to ours, I told my husband, be right back…& I walked back 3 cars to hers and stood at her window smiling til I was noticed.

She seemed friendly and opened her car door and I said to her, Hi! I couldn’t help noticing you have a limp…and was wondering if you might let me pray for you? She said sure, have me a little surprised-smiled and said she was born without a hip socket. Then was in an accident that messed up her leg (or foot?) 7 years ago which just added to her issues. I said well, let’s pray for all of that, then! For goodness sake, He’s not gonna make it any WORSE, right?!

She let me hold her hand and I prayed thanking the Father for his great love for her and for having a great plan for her life, & said in 3rd-world countries complete healing and miracles are happening all the time, so we’re asking for that here, too (& some other stuff). She just looked up and seemed peaceful and smiled at me again.

He gives us all we need to diffuse the Kingdom, so step out today!



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