The Lord showed me this tonight as my podcast went silent, through a tree canopy.

When you travel through a tunnel,
The atmosphere becomes darker
And you usually lose reception. The trees or concrete around and above you have blocked your ability to rec’v a signal. So even if the tunnel is short, you won’t be able to hear what you may’ve been listening to…
Until you come out on the other side of it.

The signal never stopped transmitting.
He never stops communicating his love.
But give it a little bit of time and patience…keep traveling…don’t let the dark get to you. Look ahead for the Light.

No matter what made the tunnel, no matter if it is longer than you expected. No matter how dark it is inside. What does matter is that his love is constant, and he is still there.

He awaits you to emerge so you can start receiving again: Deep compassion.
Careful instruction.
Fatherly warnings.
Joy overflowing.
Clearer revelation.


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