Mike from H&M: the Whole Heart

Yesterday I took my mother in law and her sister in law shopping at a real mall. I haven’t been there in a long time but when I do go I make sure to hit H&M, a favorite store of mine. I was really jammin to the songs playing overhead and asked a representative there who the artist was. We talked for a minute about the music they play. Then I finished up my shopping. When I went to pay, no one else was in line. A plus for me. No pressure to hurry up a conversation. The same man, Mike, was telling me about a new clothing recycling program they’d begun, #conscious and I told him that one reason I love H&M is because of their high grade on supply chain practices – no child labor involved.

Then as I paid, I asked an off topic question, “Mike. What can I be praying for you about. You know, stranger to stranger.” He paused and answered, “…hmmm. Just…anything I guess.”
I dug deeper.
“Come on. Give me something more specific.”
“Uh ok…. I have a 4 month old at home”
“You do?! Wow! Thats awesome! Is everyone in good health?”
“Oh yeah. I am. And she is too..she just has this hole…”
And my heart spoke to me “in her heart”.
“…in her heart.” He finished.
“Well. That’s certainly not good health is it.”
“She functions fine, we just have to watch her as she grows older in sports and high heart rate situations…”
“Well, what if I prayed right now? No ones waiting on me. Would that be cool?” I asked as I looked around. And he agreed!
So I took Mike’s hand and I prayed. I mentioned God’s great love for him and his whole family. And my authority to speak to that hole to close up in the name of Jesus.
As shopper voices started getting louder behind me, I wrapped it up with another offering of thanks in Jesus’ name and blessed him as I sped away. He watched me leave, and said loudly,
“Thank you. You have a great day too!!”

I’m noticing a pattern of people who think of their problems as too insignificant to count as worthy of prayer.
This itself is a big problem & must stop. I will keep digging deeper. Because every time I do it relays that I actually care. It relays that no matter the issue, nothing is too big or too small for God.

He said one last thing to me as I left, “It can’t hurt, right?!” I said excitedly with a little laugh, “That’s right! It can’t make things any worse!”

So I’m believing for a whole heart for that baby today. Believing that my faith and His power labored together for Gods glory and a miracle happened.


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