Fight in Song

After listening to a message from Bob Hazlett today, I became inspired to try what he said his wife did when their children were younger:
At bed time, she would sing prophetically over them! Why have I not thought to do this before?
Because I’m just now realizing the power that lies dormant in the prophetic voice until it is declared with faith.
I am just now realizing, that it doesn’t take anyone super special and it isn’t such a rare gift, this prophetic ministry. It is available for all who believe. Paul said he wished that everyone did it. And it more than any other gift. The office of a prophet, like Bill Johnson or Bob Hazlett may be rare, but seeing, speaking, singing prophetically over or into people’s lives? That is really just about asking God how He sees them, then waiting a second, and then calling that out…whatever comes to mind. It’s not that difficult!

Most likely it will align well with scripture and it’s about hopefulness, good qualities and beautiful destinies. It’s sifting through their entire personality but only seeing them through a spirit-filter…through His eyes…seeing them for how they were created in God’s image, no matter how they’ve lived in the past or even are living now. For while we were yet sinners, He died for us.

This is a challenge to hear God speak about someone just before I open my mouth to speak it. It’s a trust game. But it is adventurous and bold, and I like it! It’s a game I know I can win at cause I have HIM on my team, always.

So I am both proud and very humbled to say that tonight marks the first time I’ve sung prophetically over both my children and that it will now become a bedtime routine.

Because of this new step, we will all take more ground in the spirit realm and will watch over time as Satan’s plans for rebellion, anger, mischief, manipulation, and deceit disintegrate and lose their power before, sometimes even before they are even put into place within their minds.

And in their place will rise up the plans of the Almighty in their lives. His plans will be made evident and produce a firmly rooted identity, an ever-deepening realization of the Father’s love, hope, courage and expanding faith! Even if I get to them after they’re asleep, my words will not return void, but will sink in and do both good and harm in the best ways.

I am a warrior mom and I will fight in song.


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